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How to Become a VerMonster

To Join Pastures Of Green at Vermont:

1) Send us an Email at [email protected]
2) Let us know your user name and register on our Posting Board
3) Take a look around our site and Posting Board.
4) If you are still interested after taking a look around send us an email with your stable names and silks. (If Pastures does not seem to be your cup of tea, follow the links at SIM RESIDENCY LINKS and I am sure you will find a compatable residency somewhere.
5) Jump in and play one/all the many contests currently happening at Pastures

Residency Rules:

6) Inactive stables will be removed at the end of each Trainer's Contest
7) Although it is not necessary to give Pastures your stable support, you can not collect any prize credits or prize horses with non-supporting stables.
8) There is no limit to the number of stables an individual may place in Pastures