Equinics 2016 – xxxxxx

ESR 2016 Equinics Diary – Fifty-Six Lines About Twenty-Eight Trainers Fifty-Six Lines About Twenty-Eight Trainers

(Helps if you liked The Nails)

Kingab is the elder statesman

He lit the torch and the journey began

Irish saves horses off his back porch

He brought class and respect to the torch

Trotter he’s the drinking man

He moved the torch with a blank and tan

Cadet he is the bow tie guy

He took that torch and let it fly

Daniel is the Swede that’s right

He partied with that torch all night

Casino is the jackpot man

He carried the torch throughout Japan

Pointguard journeyed from the green mountain state

He handed off at the Golden Gate

Deeprock is the movie star

He lit the torch on Sunset Boulevard

Mrawesome he’s the rez “Stone Cold”

Mess with the torch and you’re in a choke hold

Bristolred is the patriach

He carried the torch trough the children’s park

Spinround raised the torch with purple hair

What people thought she did not care

Scoobi is the FEMA reaper

He took the torch and tried to keep’er

Frankster is the Italian stallion

He filled the torch with an Opici gallon

Hartack gives a good impression

He raised the torch then gave a lesson

Slewsback is an Okie boy

He knew the torch was the real McCoy

Donnyb journeyed with great respect

He provides the group with some intellect

Theduke he is a busy man

He transported the torch with a master plan

Phenom is the unfortunate one

He carried the torch in the hot sun

Nycowboy loves the Cowboys best

He carried the torch like Tony Dorsett

Pointblank carved the Yew Yorker with precision

He towed the torch like he was on a MISSION

Balata put the number 14 on

He carried the torch for Dave Keon

Tonyalb is the quiet one

He waited til’ night to make his run

Hawkz who likes Rugby, Racing and Beer

Performed the haka with the torch kept near

Jetman suffers the green and white fate

He’s been looking for the torch since ‘68

Mnmracing likes a slinger best

He carried the torch through the gateway west

Ruffian has that Brooklyn wit

He carried the torch so Fuhgeddaboudit

Kingman gives the dogs good care

He left the torch covered with dog hairs

Nawbo you are dearly missed

I chose you to end this list.

Written by TROTTER1