HEAD2HEAD conducts this contest.
It is conducted on the Pastures' Posting Board.

Re-cap of how contest works.
1)Open to all Vermont residents and doesn't cost any credits.
2) Each resident starts the contest with four selections if they have four stables residing in Vermont. (if you only have two stables supporting Vermont then you start the contest with two selections.
3) Race 3710 is the race that we handicap each week. That is the race you have to select the horse you believe will win.
4) If you have four selections you can choose to pick the same horse with all four or choose four different horses or any combo you like.
5) All winners that week continue on to the next week and so-on until there is only one remaining. Note there has to be an outright winner or we start over the next week.
6) 50 credits are added each week the contest continues and when the contest starts over with no winner, the pot will be 50 credits higher than the previous start of the contest.
* The Sidekick is an optional part of the Contest where players have a sidepool and ante 50 credits before the start of a new contest when someone has won the contest and entered the Sidekick.
If a person wins the None and did not elect to enter the Sidekick , then that pool is safe and there is a carry over to the next Contest.
I have made a change to the Sidekick and that is once you send the 50 credits to Noles02 then those credits will be paid out to the winner of the Sidekick. In the past if someone sent 50 credits towards the pool and did not enter when the contest started over I would refund those credits. In the future I will not do that as it lowers the payout.
Please e-mail me at [email protected] with any questions or comments.
Steve (head2head)

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